Rick de Groot MSc

Are you looking for an expert with a lasting impact on your organisation? Someone that looks at your organisation with an independent and fresh view?

Welcome to ArrowPoint Consulting.


ArrowPoint Consulting is a young company that believes in the value of basing business decisions on reliable business information. Executed by Rick de Groot, ArrowPoint Consulting is experienced in (business) control, detailed analysis, structuring processes and BI tools.

Nowadays, the environments where companies compete in are changing in an increasingly rapid pace. For organizations it is key to be in control, in order to be able to identify irregularities and monitor progress in a timely manner. Oftentimes organizations have worked in a particular way for years. As an effect they sometimes lose sight of the key risk issues. ArrowPoint Consulting is your partner in creating clarity.

ArrowPoint Consulting - Seeing what you can't see.


Next to immersing into diverse financial and fiscal matters through education and courses, Rick has broadened his self-knowledge through a Leadership Development Program with Nyenrode Business University. Managing yourself is vital for outstanding performance. Rick has gained broad experience by taking various roles:

  • As (business) controller, Rick took a leading role in financial reporting (p&l analysis, actual vs budget, story behind numbers). He has a passion for identifying and implementing process improvements.

  • Rick has widely been involved in developing management reporting to address industry key performance indicators. His financial modelling and automating skills lead to significant time and reliability improvements. He has experience in designing and building (excel) dashboards, allowing for quick, thorough and accurate analysis (e.g. through visualisation and interaction).

  • Rick has a background in auditing, where he learned how to form a well-founded opinion about the clients’ processes and financial statements. In his role as auditer, Rick was involved in monitoring the effectiveness of internal controls, identifying key risk areas and advising on corrective actions.

Core Values

Five core values play a central role in Rick's approach:


A good interim-consultant brings fresh ideas and a lot of knowledge along to succesfully handle a project. Transferring this knowledge within an assignment is invaluable. This is something obvious for ArrowPoint Consulting.

Customer focus

With interim projects yóur wishes come first. Have you defined the tasks very strictly, or would you rather not? Is the assignment purely focused on business control or does it involve multiple disciplines? No matter the focus, clarity is key. And as interim-manager you adapt accordingly.


Accepting and taking responsibility is important to bring interim assignments to a succes. Obviously, these responsibilities are primarily agreed on within the contract formulation. Yet the flexibility to be willing to think outside the contract can be of great value.

Result oriented

At the start of the interim-project, the goal of the assignment is clearly defined. ArrowPoint Consulting makes sure this goal is reached in an efficiënt way, with the necessary quality and according to planning.

Lasting Impact

It is great if an interim-consultant can deliver the defined goals in a result oriented way. But one can add so much more value when leaving something that lasts, like structural improvements in the planning & control cycle, practical models, procedures and guidelines.